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When You Need Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software With Parental Controls

Do you have complete faith and trust in what your children do online?  Are you aware of their online activities? Do they tell you everything they do when they are chatting, Instant Messaging or even surfing the Internet?

Seven out of Ten kids DO NOT tell their parents about their online activities.  The stats on what kids are doing online today are shocking and scary. It is in your child’s best interest to monitor and control their Internet activities with Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software.

No matter how trustworthy you may feel your child is, most children do not share much of their personal experiences with their parents. They keep more things private than you think, and this can turn into a dangerous situation.  Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software with Parental Controls can help you.

Why do you need to have Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software with Parental Controls installed on your computer(s)?

  • Children do not tell their parents what they are doing online.
  • Children are being bullied and hateful posts are being posted all the time.
  • Predators are on the rise and are looking for your kids online.
  • Kids are downloading illegal music.
  • Children are placing photos of themselves online that are at best questionable.

These are just a few reasons that you need to monitor and control your child's online activities with Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software with Parental Controls.

If you are allowing other people to use your computer such as family and friends (not just your kids), you need to control what is happening online. Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software will protect you from having your personal information stolen and possibly prevent Identity Theft.

You can have complete control over what websites can be accessed, restrict chat and Instant Messaging services, prevent malicious software attacks with antivirus modules, control how and when anyone uses your computer, limit and/or restrict access to programs installed on your computer, monitor all Internet activity with web content filtering, manage all user profiles and place time limits on Internet and/or program usage.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to protect your kids from online threats and be able to setup a timer for their computer games? This is the kind of control that only Cyberpatrol Internet Security Software can provide.


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